Do you need a license / permit to own or transport airsoft guns in the Philippines?

Airsoft Support BoardCategory: General QuestionsDo you need a license / permit to own or transport airsoft guns in the Philippines?
Airsoft Exchange Staff asked 2 years ago

Do you need to acquire a special license/permit form the PNP (or any branch of the government) to legally own and transport airsoft guns in the Philippines?

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badkarma answered 2 years ago

As of the date of this response. The answer is NO. You DO NOT need a special license from PNP, AFP or any branch or government to own and operate an airsoft gun for recreational purposes (Play airsoft games).

Republic Act No. 10591 “COMPREHENSIVE FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION REGULATION ACT” signed on May 29, 2013. Which covers the implementing rules on firearm licenses clearly defines a firearm to be:

Refers to any handheld or portable weapon, whether a small arm or light weapon, that expels or is designed to expel a bullet, shot, slug, missile or any projectile which is discharged by means of expansive force of gases from burning gunpowder or other form of combustion or any similar instrument or implement. For purposes of the law, the barrel, frame or receiver is considered a firearm;

Hence by legal definition an airsoft pistol or rifle is NOT considered by Philippine law as a Firearm.
Since airsoft guns uses compressed air/gas to propel a BB and NOT by burning gunpowder or any form of combustion.

This however does not mean you can brandish your airsoft guns in public without legal or possibly even mortal consequences. Use common sense. If you waive your airsoft gun around like a lunatic in a public area or ride a public transport with an airsoft rifle slung across your back, you are most likely going to land yourself in jail or worst.

It is advisable to treat your airsoft guns as if they were real steel with respect to how you handle and transport them. Keep your airsoft guns out of sight form the general public whenever possible. Be discrete when transporting them to and from the game site. If possible, it is best to transport your airsoft guns inside their original toy boxes.  This way it is less alarming to law enforcement/military at checkpoints or during random inspections.