Buying airsoft guns through online retailers?

Airsoft Support BoardCategory: General QuestionsBuying airsoft guns through online retailers?
Ilaysha Amon Garma asked 3 months ago

Can i buy airsoft guns from online retailers like Evike and Airsoft GI. If i can do i have to do anything like permits stuff like that?

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badkarma answered 3 months ago

It depends on where you are from or where you are shipping to. Buying is easy but getting them through customs can be a hassle or down right impossible.

In the Philippines for instance, ordering airsoft guns from online retailers can be tricky.
The Philippine Bureau of Customs requires buyers to acquire a Fire-arms importation permit from the Firearms and Explosive Office (FEO) branch of the  Philippine National Police (PNP).  Without a permit your shipment can be barred and confiscated by customs officials.

This applies to Airsoft guns, gun parts, gun accessories or other replica arms and munitions.


badkarma replied 3 months ago

Here is a link to the FEO-PNP website: