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Blake Kamikase asked 1 year ago

Is there anything I need when bringing home an airsoft gun or two from Japan to Philippines, as a check in luggage or placed together in a box filled with other things that will be brought back to PH, just wondering if there is anything I need like a permit and stuff, and where would it be likely to be needed, ( ex. When having it checked in the airport from Japan or when we arrive back at the airport in ph ). Also if there is a permit needed, where could I get one, and the steps to do so?

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badkarma answered 1 year ago

Hi Blake,

I have never tried travelling with an airsoft gun myself but did my research on it a while back and thought I’d just share what I found out.

(1) You’d have to check-in your airsoft gun and will not be allowed on the plane as a carry-on.
(2) You may be required to have your airsoft gun stowed away inside a hard-case that cannot be easily pried open and secured shut with multiple locks.

Here are links to what the US TSA requires when transporting an airsoft rifle.
Note: these are US Federal Guidelines that may online be applicable in the US.  

Here is a link to Narita Airport guidelines.
Scroll down to Q4 to see ruling on “Replicated Weapons”

(3) You’d have declare your airsoft gun right off the bat. You may be asked to go through an additional procedure, the same one required for carrying a REAL steel. With this said, it may be best to arrive at the airport early to take into account the extra time that you’d have to spend going through security.

(4) Expect to be fined by Philippine Customs

Here are some vlogs made by Airsoft personalities that might offer some insights:

Jet Desert Fox:


I hope this helps.

If you happen to pull this off and successfully bring an airsoft gun into the Philippines from Japan, please do tell us about it here! 🙂 It will be alot of help to the airsofting community.

Best of Luck!