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    Newbie lang po… What do i need to know



    Hi Ali,

    You may want to check out these airsoft articles:

    Happy Airsofting!


    Filipino Airsoft Players (FAP) Standard Rules and Regulations:
    As of July 10, 2002, these BASIC rules were suggested by all the AIRSOFT PLAYERS mostly FILIPINOS and mostly based in the Philippines. These also apply regardless of the type of game, field, or scenario, being played. In fact, just about every group’s rules revolve around these pretty universal parameters (whether or not they admit to copying, adopting, adapting or claim original authorship). Listed were, at best, the general ideas. The details, and there could be a whole truckload of those, are subject to interpretation. If you follow these basic rules and if permitted, then you certainly play with any teams you prefer.
    1. Safety First on the playing field (warzone)
    – No Real Firearms
    – No players are allowed if under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol
    – No goggles, no play
    – Max. Velocity 400 fps (using .20g BB) – 450 for Camp Engkanto
    – Never take off your eye/ face protection.
    2. One-hit Elimination
    – Direct line to body
    – No Ricochet
    – Penetrating shot allowed
    – Friendly Fire Counts
    – Knife kill
    – Ask to surrender (~5mts)
    3. No Hit Call!
    – Hit players to acknowledge by shouting HIT, DEAD, or OUT
    – Shooter cannot call opponent out.
    – After being acknowledged as “Hit”, raise your gun/ arm over your head while going to the neutral zone.
    4. No Hostages
    – No hiding behind non-combatants
    – No mixing with non-combatants
    – No engaging in proximity of delicate or valuable property
    5. No Holding or Grappling
    – No rough physical contact between players
    – No holding on to opponent or opponent’s gun
    6. Avoid Inflicting Unnecessary Pain
    – AVOID point-blank shooting, ask for surrender
    – Immediately stop shooting players signifying hit.
    7. Dead Men Tell No Tales
    8. No Time Out
    – Player must overcome equip’t malfunction or temporary difficulty w/o calling “time out”, otherwise player must eliminate self from game.
    9. Arbiter/Referee’s Decision is Final
    10. Observe Proper Decorum At All Times
    With Permission to Re-Post from
    Jun Ruizol‎
    November 11, 2016 · San Jose del Monte ·

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