LZ Delta Airsoft Gamesite by MilSimX

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milsim x Airsoft gamesite
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LZ Delta Airsoft Gamesite by MilSimX

GAME DAYS: Saturdays and Sundays

GAME FEE: P200/pax


These Rules of Engagement is NOT subject to your own interpretation. It was formulated simply to act as our guidelines in playing airsoft

  • Players are REQUIRED to display a high level of discipline.
  • No thrash talking, taunting & cursing.
  • No grappling of weapons.
  • No physical contact between opposing players.
  • No shooting on windows.
  • No blind firing.
  • Face protection is a must while inside the gaming area. (No mask no play)
  • Deadly weapons and firearms are not allowed.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not allowed.
  • Firecrackers and pyrotechnics are not allowed.
  • Air powered grenades are allowed and the kill radius is 5 meters.
  • 450 fps @ .20 limit for assault weapons (aeg, gbbr or hpa).
  • 480 fps @ .20 limit for DMR’s (M14, SAM-R, HK417, scar-H but the full auto should be disabled)
  • 550 fps @ .20 limit for BASR (Springer or gas type).
  • CO2 rifles are not allowed.
  • Observe fire discipline.
  • BURST FIRE ONLY (Only gunners are allowed to go on full auto).
  • Box magazines are not allowed (M4, AK, etc).
  • Pistols are required for close quarter engagements.
  • As a safety rule rifle magazines should be removed while inside the staging area.
  • Unload chambers right after removing your magazines.
  • Dead rag rule applies.
  • No dead rag NO PLAY. (Improvised dead rags are not allowed)
  • Any player without an exposed dead rag is considered as a live player.
  • Hit players can be revived by a medic. (Medic system will be explained during the game)
  • Hit players are required to immediately leave the playing area and display their dead rag. (Applicable to scenarios without respawn or medic rule)
  • Hit players are allowed to watch the remainder of the scenario but will be required to display their dead rag and refrain from talking to live players.
  • Player must physically tap/touch any part of the opponent’s upper body & declare a knife kill.
  • No multiple knife kills. (Knife killed players are not allowed to respawn)
  • Courtesy kills are encouraged but NOT REQUIRED & should be on a 1:1 basis.
  •  Multiple courtesy kills is not allowed.
  • Minimum engagement distance for DMR’s & BASR’s is 30 meters or 100 feet.
  •  Minimum engagement distance for assault weapons is 10 meters or 33 feet.
  • Below the minimum engagement distance all players are REQUIRED to use their secondary weapons.
  • Players who will not follow MED or minimum engagement distance will be considered as hit.
  • Ricochet is NOT a hit.
  • Gun hit is NOT a hit.
  • Dead man tell no tales. (Dead players are not allowed to communicate with live players)
  • BB’s hitting any part of the body is considered a hit.
  • Testing rifles and pistols at designated plinking areas only.
  • All disputes should be brought to the game official’s attention ASAP.
  • Violations will be dealt with accordingly.
  •  Zombies will NOT be tolerated.
  • Use of government issued AFP, PNP uniforms and other law enforcement agencies is NOT allowed.
  • No littering.
  • Keep the staging area clean and practice CLAYGO or clean as you go.
  • Nuisance complaints will have a corresponding penalty.



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