HOLSA CQB Airsoft Gamesite

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HOLSA CQB Airsoft Gamesite

  • Game Days: Wednesday & Saturday
  • Game Time: 10am - 5pm
  • Terrain: Indoor CQB
  • FPS Limits: 420FPS on .20bb limit for AEG,GBB,GBBR and BASR
  • Game site managed by: TIM T.A.L.O.N.G

Inviting you all every Wednesday & Saturday! Anyone interested in a fun, friendly, and action packed game day, you're welcome to join us.

HOSLA Bldg or also known as The Office/SWG is 7 floors of CQB madness! So if you're free, come out and play! Everyone is invited! 420FPS on .20bb limit for AEG,GBB,GBBR and BASR. We implement strict chrono limit, we recommend bringing extra guns just in case your primary exceeds the 420fps limit. STRICTLY SEMI.

Friendly Game and Gentlemen Rules apply. Game Starts 10AM till 5PM Gears and Guns are also available for rentals.


  1. We are strictly enforcing a 420fps limit @ 0.20g BBs. No exemptions.
  2. Proper eye protection is a must. If you don't have proper eye protection, we can lend you one.
  3. Be HONEST. Always admit when you are hit. So others will too.
  4. When hit, do not remove your mask or goggles unless you are in the safe zone.
  5. No trash talking. No hit calling. 6.
  6. Do not destroy others' property as much as you don't want them to do to yours. (Do not aim at optics and taclights)
  7. No blind firing. Always fire in your line of sight.
  8. Knife kill is allowed. Tapping any part of the body, including gun, is considered knife kill. Grabbing one's gun is not allowed.
  9. Marshalls are not visible inside the CQB area because it will just cause confusion among players and players tend to rely on the Marshalls' call. Be Responsible. You will be the one responsible for the outcome of the game.
  10. Be a gentleman always. All of the above mentioned rules are Gentleman's rules. If all of us follow these rules, we are guaranteed to have a fun filled game throughout the day.



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    49 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

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