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GreenZone Airsoft Gamesite
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Green Zone Airsoft Gamesite by CoGZ

Our goal as an Airsoft game-site is to build a great community that loves the game and respects the rules. This is what we value the most and what holds us together through tough times.

The culture of this game-site is based on years of experience from a group of long-time aficionados of this sport called Contractors of Ground Zero (CoGZ). Learning from the mistakes made in the past, we press on to the future carrying with us wisdom that we instil in every member of our community.

GAME FEES: P150/pax

GAME DAYS: Typically Sundays


  • Parking
  • Comfort Room w/ lavatory
  • Covered Safe Zone w/ tables & chairs
  • Camp (open area)
  •  Zombie Land (13 Hours themed)
  • Jungle
  • Free drinking water
  • Storage Facility


  • Skirmish
  • Free for All/ Infection
  •  Plant/ Defuse the Bomb (with explosion effect)
  • Hunt the Snipers
  • Hostage Rescue
    ..and many more


  • Private Game for team building
  • Airsoft guns & gears rental 🆒


  • 450 fps for AEG (Assault rifle/ DMR) (Semi-Auto)
    550 fps for BASR/ Gas Sniper Rifles.
  • Full auto only allowed on SAW/ LMG/ MMG & RPK variants only. ~


With regards to the recent incident regarding the arrest of a off-duty security guard publicly carrying an airsoft gun, we would like to remind everybody:

  1. Please DO NOT display your Airsoft gears and guns and DO NOT wear your BDU/airsoft attire at the entrance and parking area of Green Zone.
  2. Please transport, prepare & wear your gears and guns inside Safe Zone/ Staging area of Green Zone instead. This is to prevent fear & confusion in the residential area/ neighbors surrounding Green Zone.
  3. Secondly, in courtesy to our neighbors, let's avoid wiping/ scrubbing our the muddy shoes outside the premise of Green Zone.Let's be all responsible and law abiding citizens.



For those who have access to Google Maps & Waze, you can now enter these links to easily navigate to Green Zone!

Google Maps


or search & select for 'Green Zone Airsoft Game Site By CoGZ Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines'

You may also check the map guides here:

See you all there!




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