LMGs/Miniguns are allowed to fire 3sec burst
Assault Rifles are allowed to fire 2sec burst.

GAME FEE: Php150/pax

CALL TIME: 10am – 5pm


You Will Recieve One Warning Only.

Montalban Airsoft Camp Rules and Regulations

Our mission is to provide an honorable, fair and safe environment for every team/players, lonewolves, newbies and veterans.

1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded and ready to fire. Keep your fingers away from the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.

2.Always be sure of your target and what’s behind it.

3. All participants use ONLY Airsoft guns in their games. These guns must conform to the FPS (Feet per second) limit that a gamesite administrators has decided on.

4.Rules in Firing of Full Auto and Semi Auto will depend on type of game scenarios and it will be decided before the game starts.

5. All airsoft guns must be brought in guncase or rifle bag, we do not allow guns to show in public.We encourage players not to bring their guns if they’re going downstairs to check or tackle something.

6. shooting outside the gamesite premises is not allowed as we do have designated testing areas for your guns.

7. All participants MUST wear eye protection! all Airsoft players should have full face masks, It is strongly recommended that anyone who continues to be a problem in terms of wearing eye protection during games be banned from playing with the site. Nobody wants to be responsible for shooting someone’s eye out. If the mask is fogging or needed to be cleaned during a game, find a safe cover turn your back from the firing line crouch or lay on the ground with the face as close to the floor as possible and quickly clean the goggles.

8.Hits to the weapon is not considered a kill for some scenarios, so make sure that it is clearly agreed upon before starting a game. While playing the game, if uncertain about whether being already hit or not, then this is the benefit of the doubt is considered and the player must count himself or herself KILLED, eliminating silly arguments during a game. Whenever someone player is hit during the game, he or she must call out “HIT!” and then walk to the designated safe-zone with the weapon held high over the head with both hands. Be sure to do so since other players may assume the killed player is still in the game or not. A player that repeatedly causes problems with calling himself out should not be allowed to play any more.


A. Field Conduct
i. Airsoft is a game of honor, and as players one must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit. As such, it is each player’s responsibility to maintain a proper attitude toward all other players. Any player guilty of un-sportsmanlike conduct, including yelling, obscene behavior, cursing, or disrupting play can be suspended from play.

ii. If another player is seen getting hit and they did not feel or hear it, do not yell at them. Inform the marshal.

iii. If a teammate gets hit, and he or she did not feel it, inform them of the hit so that he or she can call himself or herself out.

iv. Any form of physical altercation (i.e. fighting) will not be tolerated. If a player is ever involved in a fight, he will be suspended to play for a minimum of two (2) months. If that same player is ever involved with a second fighting occurrence, that member will be banned from all future games.

v. Do not walk into a game that is already in progress. If not ready by the time a game starts, wait for the next one.

vi. Do not shoot at the players in the field from the sideline.

vii. Do not intentionally block or provide cover for teammates after being hit.

viii. Dead Men Tell No Tales – Eliminated players are forbidden to communicate with those still playing. This includes giving supplies (gas, BB’s, etc.) to those that are still playing.

i. Any hit to any part of the body counts as a kill (including camel backs, etc).

ii. Hits to the gun do not count as a kill for most cases. However for some scenarios, it is. So make sure about what the players had agreed upon before starting a game.

iii. Friendly fire counts! If hit by a fellow teammate, then this is considered a KILL.

iv. When two players engage each other in combat (whether at a distance or in close quarters), and both players get hit, both players are out regardless of who said “hit” first. We call this as DOUBLE HIT. (May next game pa naman)

v. Rubber knife hits count as a kill (this includes being hit by a thrown rubber knife… HOY HUWAG MO NAMAN LAKASAN).

vi. Ricochets does not count (IBIG SABIHIN AY BANDA).

i. If there is ever a dispute during play, call “Parley.” Once this is called, both parties must immediately exit the field to reach an amicable resolution.
This is for honesty, Gentleman’s and responsible game, so pls. as we all know that we cannot enjoy the game if ZOMBIES exists.. we simply do not tolerate it.

Our goal as an Airsoft game-site is to build a great community that loves the game and respects the rules. This is what we value the most and what holds us together through tough times.

The culture of this game-site is based on years of experience from a group of long-time aficionados of this sport called Contractors of Ground Zero (CoGZ). Learning from the mistakes made in the past, we press on to the future carrying with us wisdom that we instil in every member of our community.

GAME FEES: P150/pax

GAME DAYS: Typically Sundays






With regards to the recent incident regarding the arrest of a off-duty security guard publicly carrying an airsoft gun, we would like to remind everybody:

  1. Please DO NOT display your Airsoft gears and guns and DO NOT wear your BDU/airsoft attire at the entrance and parking area of Green Zone.
  2. Please transport, prepare & wear your gears and guns inside Safe Zone/ Staging area of Green Zone instead. This is to prevent fear & confusion in the residential area/ neighbors surrounding Green Zone.
  3. Secondly, in courtesy to our neighbors, let’s avoid wiping/ scrubbing our the muddy shoes outside the premise of Green Zone.Let’s be all responsible and law abiding citizens.



For those who have access to Google Maps & Waze, you can now enter these links to easily navigate to Green Zone!

Google Maps


or search & select for ‘Green Zone Airsoft Game Site By CoGZ Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines’

You may also check the map guides here:

See you all there!