Airsoft Guns Market on the uptrend with a 7% compound annual growth rate.

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Airsoft Guns Market on the uptrend with a 7% compound annual growth rate.

by BadKarma

The website recently published a 2019 report; Airsoft Guns Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking – Global Market Insights 2019 to 2029 stating that the airsoft guns market is envisaged to register ~7% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) through 2029 owing to the growing use of airsoft guns as training weapons in the army.

Global sales of airsoft guns are estimated to ~US$ 1,846 Mn in 2019, in line with growing interest of millennials in adventurous sports and the tendency to spend more time on leisure activities, such as target shooting or shooting sport.

North America will continue to be the leading market for airsoft guns, with gains primarily underpinned by the increasing number of airsoft fields uplifting the popularity of airsoft sports in the region.

Middle East & Africa is likely to remain the high-growth market for airsoft guns manufacturers and repair & service providers. The market in MEA is estimated to witness a robust CAGR of ~9% during 2019 – 2029.

Development of hybrid airsoft guns is rapidly gaining prominence, as manufacturers of airsoft guns are taking a customer-centric approach and thus emphasizing custom-manufacturing capabilities

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According to the report, the unprecedented growth in the adoption of airsoft guns in the role of firearm trainers over the hard metallic air gun projectiles that cause fatal injuries in some instances have been pacing up gains in the market. As airsoft guns lack the potential to inflict death on human beings, they are witnessing wide traction for amateur-training applications.

Rising number of enthusiastic and adventurous high net worth individuals are increasingly spending on airsoft guns, in line with the growing trend of outdoor team sports. Growing fondness for real shooting simulation sports continue to appeal to a wider pool of Generation X and boomers, who are actively participating in airsoft sports.

Rapidly developing affection over airsoft continues to drive the development of a growing number of airsoft fields across several regions. With organizations turning old houses in ruins and previous training camps into professional airsoft fields and attracting increasing number of new players, future opportunities remain abound for the market players.

In light of growing number of shooting organizations hosting airsoft events, demand for airsoft guns, handguns, rifles, shortgun, and muzzle loading is accelerating at an unprecedented pace.

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