New airsoft gear!

One Tigris folding mesh mask. This is my 3rd mesh mask. First one has only one strap and would slide off the head easy. I wasnt comfortable using it. The second one is the common 2 strap version I use now. Problem is aiming down the sights is difficult; I cant get a good cheek weld. The One Tigris has 2 straps and the sides are foam and nylon allowing the sides to conform the the shape of the wearer’s cheeks. Slight drawback is its like wearing a balaclava. It does get hot on the face. Aiming with the One Tigris feels like I’m not wearing a mask at all. Hard mesh doesnt come in contact with the stock at all.

And also a second pair of Pyramex i-Force goggles. So far this is the best anti-fog goggles I have used. It has thermal lenses and the inner lens is coated with anti-fog. Instead of fogging, moisture beads and collects like rain on a windshield. Unfortunately the coating gets ‘soft’ and wiping the moisture will ruin and remove the coating. I had to resort to leaving my goggles under the sun to dry out in between games. Having a second pair means I rotate each pair so one gets to dry while I am wearing the other. I got the clear lens this time so it can be used indoors and at nighttime.

DT Ramone

DT Ramone

AEX Contributor

DT Ramone is a long time airsoft enthusiast and player with roots starting with Action Games League (AGL). The uniforms, gear and airsoft guns in his collection is now not only being used for airsoft but also for re-enactments.