Travelling with your airsoft kit When transporting your airsoft equipment, it is recommended to;  

1. Keep it discreet.

  • Never display your airsoft fireams in Public.
  • It is recommended to wear plain CV’s (Civilian clothes) when travelling to and from an airsoft gamesite or an event.  Whenever possible, avoid wearing any part of your battle-gear or anything that can possibly draw unwanted attention to yourself.

2. safely stow your gear

  • Keep your airsoft firearms inside the orginal box when transporting or stowed away inside a bag or case.
  • whenever possible, keep the orange safety muzzle cap on your airsoft firearm.
  • Magazine out. Avoid transporting your airsoft firearm locked and loaded.

3. avoid public transport. 

  • it is highly recommended to use private means of transport when travelling with your airsoft equipment. (If you do not have a car, maybe you can get a carpool going with your airsoft buddies).
  • If you must use public transport, Tips 1 and 2 are extremely essential.

4. avoid the use of motorcycles or similar mode of transport.

Travelling in a  closed vehicle is best. This way, you can discreetly stow your airsoft gear out of sight from the public. In the Philippines, motorcycle riders are more prone to being flagged down by law enforcement for random security inspections. This is partly due to criminal elements using the “riding-in-tandem” modus (Criminals using motorcycles as a means of a quick get-away after a robbery)


AEX Contributor

The author hails from Angeles City, Philippines. A founding member of Team SEMPER FI of the Pampanga Airsoft League, BadKarma has been airsofting since 1994.