close quarters battle

Point-blank range has come to mean extremely close “can’t miss” range with a firearm. In airsoft game terms this is generally accepted to be 3 meters or less.

Understand, that a typical airsoft rifle can potentially inflict serious injury at this range. Thus it is often recommended to consider an alternative (safer) way of scoring a Kill. Here are a few options you can take:

A. Go for a pistol shot.

Airsoft pistols generally generate less impact velocity than their rifle counterparts (in more simple terms……less painful). More and more gamesites recommend the use of pistols when engaging targets within point blank range. Ofcourse, this safety rule would be utterly senseless if you decide to shoot the other dude in the face! As always, whenever possible, try to aim for padded or protected areas of your target’s body.

B. Go for the BANG RULE

You can score a kill by shouting out “BANG! You’re Dead! at you intended target.
Click here for more detailed explanation of the Bang Rule

B. Go for a KNIFE KILL

You can score a kill by tapping the intended target on his person.
Click here for more detailed explanation of the Knife Kill Rule


The following articles cover airsoft rules generally adopted by gamesites across the Philippines.

Do bear in mind that these rules are by NO means immutable. Rules may easily change from game site to game site.

As a rule of thumb, the rules  adopted by the game host (typically referred to as house rules),  trumps all other rules ( Rules discussed in these articles included). It is NOT cool to challenge your host’s house rules!. Remember, their house their rules!

With this said, It is always best to learn about your host’s house rules before playing to avoid any unwanted misunderstandings. This way everyone gets to have fun!





The author hails from Angeles City, Philippines. A founding member of Team SEMPER FI of the Pampanga Airsoft League, BadKarma has been airsofting since 1994.