Airsoft medic rule
The medic rule is another optional rule you can integrate into your games. It adds another dimension to the game dynamics which calls for teamwork and communication between team mates. There are many variations as to how the Medic rule is adopted, here is the most basic:


  1. When Hit, you are to shout “hit” as you’d normally would and deploy your  deadman’s rag or turn on your blinker (if available).
  2. Shout our “Medic!”. To inform your team medic that you have been shot and that you require to be “medic’ed” to respawn. You may not move away from the spot you have been shot. Your team medic must come to you and never the other way around.
  3. The Medic must approach your position and  must apply a bandage around one of your arms. After successfully doing so, only then are you considered back in-play and may move and engage targets normally.


  • Each team / squad may be assigned a medic(s).
  • Each medic must be given the same number of bandages as the medic on each team
  • Medics CAN NOT re-use bandages from “dead” players. When the medic has exhausted their allotted bandages they can no longer “Heal” their team-mates.
  • A medic may not treat himself; only another medic can give them aid.


  • Bleed-out rule – A time limit is placed on the amount of time you can wait to be medic-ed or “healed” . Typically this is five minutes. After this time elapses you are deemed to have bled out and and can no longer be revived.  You are now “dead” and must make your way back to the Neutral zone/Staging area.


You may opt to use these variations of the Medic rules:
  • VAR 1 – A medic may not treat himself, but may ask another player  (Does not have to be a medic) to apply one of the bandages in his medkit. (Assuming there are still some left)
  • VAR 2 – After depleting his bandage allotments, the Medic may return to the FOB or SUPPLY AREA to resupply and replenish his bandage allotment. (He is still not allowed to carry more than what the game permits)
  • VAR 3 – Instead on appointing a team Medic, each player may be provided an agreed number of Bandages and may medic other players during the game.


The following articles cover airsoft rules generally adopted by gamesites across the Philippines. Do bear in mind that these rules are by NO means immutable. Rules may easily change from game site to game site. As a rule of thumb, the rules  adopted by the game host (typically referred to as house rules),  trumps all other rules ( Rules discussed in these articles included). It is NOT cool to challenge your host’s house rules!. Remember, their house their rules! With this said, It is always best to learn about your host’s house rules before playing to avoid any unwanted misunderstandings. This way everyone gets to have fun! KEEP THE BB’s FLYING!  


AEX Contributor

The author hails from Angeles City, Philippines. A founding member of Team SEMPER FI of the Pampanga Airsoft League, BadKarma has been airsofting since 1994.