Airsoft knife kill

There will be times that you may find yourself within arms reach of an opposing player. In these situations you can opt to go for a Knife kill.

A knife kill is scored by tapping the intended target anywhere on his person (preferably on the back). This is meant to simulate hand to hand combat, slicing the target’s throat for a silent kill.

This is the only permissible use of physical contact between opposing airsoft players.

Generally, you do not need to be holding a dummy knife to perform a knife kill…and absolutely NEVER under any circumstance wield a real blade!

There are game sites and MilSim events which requires the use of a dummy knife, but these are extremely rare.


How the knife kill works:

  1. Your intended target is within arms reach.
  2. You tap the intended target (preferably on the back) and say “KNIFE KILL…You’re dead!”


The following articles cover airsoft rules generally adopted by gamesites across the Philippines.

Do bear in mind that these rules are by NO means immutable. Rules may easily change from game site to game site.

As a rule of thumb, the rules  adopted by the game host (typically referred to as house rules),  trumps all other rules ( Rules discussed in these articles included). It is NOT cool to challenge your host’s house rules!. Remember, their house their rules!

With this said, It is always best to learn about your host’s house rules before playing to avoid any unwanted misunderstandings. This way everyone gets to have fun!




AEX Contributor

The author hails from Angeles City, Philippines. A founding member of Team SEMPER FI of the Pampanga Airsoft League, BadKarma has been airsofting since 1994.