airsoft bang rule
BANG! ….You’re dead!

The Bang Rule is an option you can take if you find yourself in a situation where you have to take a shot at an opposing player who is within point blank range (3 meters or less) to avert inflicting potential injuries.

How the Bang Rule works:

  1. You must be within point blank range (3 meters or less) of your target.
  2. You must have a clear (unobstructed) line of sight between you and your intended target.
  3. You must be armed with an airsoft firearm.
  4. You must say “BANG” out loud (Loud enough that your intended target can hear) .
  5. You must be looking down your sights, pointing your firearm at the intended target.
  6. You must say “BANG” for each intended target. (NO, you can’t say ratatatatatatat and take out an entire squad!)

Important Note
The Bang Rule is a courtesy extended by the shooter to the target.
It is up to the target to accept this or not.

Generally, if the target reacts in any way that can be translated as hostile (i.e raise the firearm towards your direction, whirls around and aims at you etc.) …It is acceptable to shoot at this point.

Good Sportsmanship
If someone uses the BANG RULE on you. Don’t get pissed!.
Instead, bear in mind that this player could have shot you at point blank range which could possibly inflict injury on your person. Remember the Bang Rule is a courtesy! It is good form to reciprocate this kind gesture by calling yourself out.

Can I use the BANG rule to score a kill against a target behind cover?
NO. (See Bang Rule#2).

If your intended target is behind cover, there still exists the likelihood of you missing the shot and hitting the cover instead. The point blank rule generally assumes that your are in a situation where you can’t miss.

Can I use the Bang Rule unarmed. (without a firearm drawn and at the ready)
NO. You must be armed with an airsoft firearm, looking down your sights at the intended target. (See Bang Rule#5)


The following articles cover airsoft rules generally adopted by gamesites across the Philippines.

Do bear in mind that these rules are by NO means immutable. Rules may easily change from game site to game site.

As a rule of thumb, the rules  adopted by the game host (typically referred to as house rules),  trumps all other rules ( Rules discussed in these articles included). It is NOT cool to challenge your host’s house rules!. Remember, their house their rules!

With this said, It is always best to learn about your host’s house rules before playing to avoid any unwanted misunderstandings. This way everyone gets to have fun!




AEX Contributor

The author hails from Angeles City, Philippines. A founding member of Team SEMPER FI of the Pampanga Airsoft League, BadKarma has been airsofting since 1994.