Here are a few guidelines on how to get the most out of your airsofting experience.


Be punctual Always arrive on a game site or event well ahead of time. Give yourself time to do last minute checks on your gear. Be prepared to deploy Don’t be that guy that everyone has to wait on to start the game. It is best to have your gear prepped and ready to go as soon as you arrive on site and not waste anybody’s time. Be part of the community It’s is recommended that you take the time to introduce yourself and your team to your host and get to know the other teams/players on the gamesite. After all, airsoft is not just having to shoot guns, it is also about being part of a community of like minded individuals who share a common passion and love for airsoft.  


Safety is everyone’s concern Always keep you weapon on “safe” whenever you’re in the neutral zone. This means (a) Magazine out (b) Safety on (c) Chamber cleared. It is recommended to place a muzzle plug or a muzzle sock whenever inside the neutral zone.
  • Never walk around the Neutral zone with your trigger finger inside the trigger well of your weapon.
  • Never ever point your weapon at anyone or at anything inside the Neutral zone.
  • Only discharge or Fire your weapon in designated plinking areas.
  • It is advisable to wear some sort of eye protection even in the Neutral Zone/Staging Area. Safety googles or impact resistant eyewear is recommended.  This way if anyone accidentally discharges their firearm, you remain relatively safe.
Keep you hands to yourself Never handle other guns/gear without the consent of it’s owner.  


Take your Hits Airsoft is all about integrity. Dishonest people have no place in airsoft. Always take your hits. If you have doubts about whether a shot actually hit you or not…the best rule is “When in doubt…you’re out!”…It’s the honorable thing to do. NO Hit Calling If you find players not taking their hits. It is best to report this to a marshal/game host. Keep your cool, do not curse and avoid getting into a shouting match/argument while in-game. This spoil everybody’s fun. Dead men tell no tales Generally, you are not allowed to point out targets or exchange information in any way or form with your team-mates after calling hit. Safety. Safety. Safety Your safety and the safety of other players should always take priority.
  • Never needlessly overshoot an opposing player. Cease shooting as soon as the opposing player shouts out “hit”. If you see other players continue to shoot after the opposing player has already declared hit, attempt to inform them to cease fire.
  • Avoid having to shoot at extremely close range. Always opt for alternative/ safer ways to scoring a kill. See article on Engagement at point blank range
  • Always make sure that you can see the target you are trying to shoot at. Otherwise, this known in airsoft as “Blind Fire” which is typically frowned upon and not permitted in most airsoft game fields. As a rule of thumb, your head must always follow your gun’s barrel, giving you a clear sight picture of your intended target. This is to make sure that the shooter is able to : (a) properly identify the target (whether a combatant, a deadman or a spectator) (b) approximate distance to target  (b) see the  target’s general predicament (i.e Has his Masks up etc.)
  • While still in-play, never take off your face mask or eye protection at anytime during the game or while you are inside the game zone.
  • Never aim or shoot at anyone without a face mask or adequate eye protection during the game.
  • Never aim or shoot towards spectators or non-combatants.
  • Always practice muzzle awareness, meaning, always be aware of what your muzzle is pointing at and what lies beyond your target.
  • Never bring real steel to an airsoft event. We all love guns, but real guns have no place in an airsoft game field.
House Rules trumps all other rules Respect and abide by your host’s house rules.
  • Never challenge your host’s house rules. Their house, their rules.
  • Game Marshal calls are final, wheather you agree with them or not.
Don’t be that Guy Every field typically has “that guy”, the guy that cheats every chance he gets. Whines about almost everything and constantly get’s into arguments with the Game Marshals and players. The guy who plays dirty, cranking up the FPS/ROF with bad intentions, criticises other players load-outs, etc. etc. Just don’t be that guy.  


Leave no litter behind Nobody likes a litter bug. It is always good practice to pick-up after yourself. If trash bins are not provided, bring your trash with you. Good Game Whenever possible, personally thank your game host and other players for a good game.


AEX Contributor

The author hails from Angeles City, Philippines. A founding member of Team SEMPER FI of the Pampanga Airsoft League, BadKarma has been airsofting since 1994.